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What is right and what is wrong? What is too much?
And where do you need to take care that it does not get forgotten?
Being a mother or a father often comes with a lot of questions and doubts. makes it easy for you to perform as the best parents in the world.

Parenting tips

Are you worrying whether your child is eating too little or too much? Do you know how much screen time is enough for your kids? Or ever wondered which sport, instrument or hobby your offspring should pursue? Is a vegetarian diet good not only for the environment but also for my children?

Product guides

Products for kids, parents and the family are flooding the market. But what do I need to consider before buying those things? Here you may find the answers for baby mattresses, feeding bottles, car seats, strollers, baby carriers, kids helmets, child bike seats, and many more.

Useful tools

When are your most fertile days? How is your fertility by ageHow much sun is good for my child? In which pregnancy week am I? When would my child be due?  These helpful tools will ease your life.

Size Charts

Struggling to find the perfect fit for your child? We have prepared a multitude of size charts for you: Kids Shoe Size Charts, Asian Kids Size Charts, Kids Pants Sizes, Kids Jeans Sizes, Baby Shoe Size Charts, European Kids Sizes, Girls Clothes Size Charts, Boys Clothes Size ChartsKids Bike Size Charts, Diaper Sizes

Alle unsere Artikel sind auch auf Deutsch verfügbar: Kindergrößen, Kindergrößen USA, Babygrößen, Kinderschuhgrößen, Kinderhosengrößen, WindelgrößenMaximalgewicht von Schulranzen, Optimale Sonnenscheindauer für Kinder, Babyschlafsack Größen, und vieles mehr.