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Baby Care Kit – How to Find the Right Set

Looking for grooming and healthcare items for your baby? Are you unsure what exactly you need? That is why many parents prefer to purchase prepacked baby care kits to get all the essential items. Or is it better to buy separate items instead of a prepackaged baby care kit? Here you find all the answers.
At a Glance
  • Parents have different opinions about purchasing a prepackaged baby care kit. There are those who prefer to purchase grooming or healthcare items separately instead of buying an entire set while others find it more cost effective to buy an entire kit.
  • Some of the basic items in a typical baby care set include a comb, a hairbrush, a baby nail clipper, a nasal aspirator and a thermometer.
  • When buying a baby care kit, make sure that the set contains only high-quality and non-toxic items that you will regularly use on your baby.
  • For infants and children below age 3, rectal thermometers are the ideal ones to use.

Prepacked Baby Care Set vs. Separately Bought Items

Parents have different opinions about purchasing a prepackaged baby care set:

  1. There are those who prefer to purchase grooming or healthcare items separately instead of buying an entire set.
    For these parents, getting even the best out of all the baby care kits available on the market right now comes with so many non-essential items that will probably never be used. They find that the products included in these grooming kits are affordable because they are often inferior to premium items of the same kind which can be bought separately. To them, it is far better to buy pricier things they will actually use instead of purchasing inexpensive items the baby doesn’t really need. In short, these parents don’t want to feel like they’re “cheaping out” on their own children.
  2. However, for a lot of new parents, there are several benefits to buying packaged baby care sets. The most compelling reason of all is that it is far more cost effective to buy these grooming and healthcare items as a set. Doing so will allow them to spend more on frequently-used baby items (e.g., feeding bottles, diapers, etc.) It’s not about being a cheapskate; it’s about being practical. Another reason that makes purchasing an entire set worthwhile is the convenience of buying everything in one go. A lot of new moms and dads are initially unfamiliar with the items that make up a grooming kit for babies so finding each one on their own would be difficult and time-consuming.

Contents of a Typical Baby Care Set

A baby care set is usually packaged with several items to tend to a newborn’s health, hygiene, hair and nail care. The most affordable kits usually feature only a handful of items. The more expensive prepacked sets normally come with more than a dozen products. Some of the basic items in a typical baby care set include a comb, a hairbrush, a baby nail clipper, a nasal aspirator and a thermometer. Some kits even have pacifiers, baby toothbrushes, gum massagers, bath sponges, medicine droppers and medicine spoons. Most of these sets also include a portable storage bag.

Mom tonsured nails on the hands newborn using baby care kit

Buyer’s Guide: How to Find the Right Baby Care Kit

The main goal is finding a baby kit that contains several high-quality items which they will regularly use. The list below highlights the desirable features that should be included in a good baby care set:


  • Baby Comb: Babies have very delicate scalps and parents must make sure that the comb they use have soft, round and flexible bristles.
  • Baby Hairbrush: Like combs, the hairbrush used to untangle an infant’s hair must have soft bristles. A lot of baby hairbrushes are made of soft plastic bristles but the ideal one is made from natural goat hair.

Nail care

  • Baby Nail Clippers: Regular-sized nail clippers for adults are not suitable for infants. Special baby nail clippers are the much better choice. It is important to find a clipper that’s durable, easy to use and allows safe trimming. E.g. some are equipped with a magnifier or LED lighting.
  • Baby Nail Scissors: For parents who prefer to use nail scissors, it is best to find one with rounded edges. This is a feature which will make trimming a baby’s delicate nails safer and easier.
  • Emery Board: Experts recommend using an emery board in the first few weeks following a baby’s birth. Finding a kit containing one will prove useful with the infant’s nail care.


  • Nasal Aspirator: There are different types of nasal aspirators: manual and electric. Among manual operators, there are nose bulb syringes and human suction aspirators. Nose bulb syringes are usually the ones included in baby care sets. They are difficult to clean and most are disposable because mold and mildew can grow inside the bulb. However, there are bulb syringes which can be opened for regular cleaning and drying.
  • Baby Thermometer: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), taking a rectal temperature is most accurate for infants and children below the age of three. A digital thermometer with a flexible tip is best as children and adults find rigid tip thermometers uncomfortable. Infrared forehead thermometers are non-invasive and more expensive than digital stick thermometers but they are not guaranteed to be more accurate.

Recommended Baby Care Kits

Best Choice:

Complete Nursery Care Kit by Summer Infant

This 21-piece grooming and healthcare kit comes with all the essentials such as a brush and comb, a nail clipper and several emery boards, a nasal aspirator, a digital thermometer, and a forehead thermometer.  A durable storage case which can be conveniently kept at home or carried on the go is also included. This baby care set has an average rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon and has earned an Amazon’s Choice badge. Out of more than 1400 customer reviews, almost 70% rated this kit with five stars! Only 10% gave it a rating of below three stars.

Premium Choice:

32 Pieces Baby Grooming Kit by gLEE Baby

This 32-piece baby care set includes an infant comb, a hairbrush, a digital thermometer, and a nasal aspirator. It also includes a nail clipper and file, a gum massager, a medicine dispenser, and a storage case. In reality, this kit contains only 16 unique items plus roughly a dozen cotton swabs. It is supposedly made from safe and high-quality materials.

Budget Choice:

American Red Cross Baby Healthcare Kit by The First Years

This 7-piece set comes with a nail clipper, a digital thermometer, a nasal aspirator, a medicine dropper, a medicine spoon. All wrapped in a storage bag. This is a very convenient item to bring during travels and will prove useful during emergency situations.

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