Teaching children the importance of environmentalism

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly apparent that global climate change is becoming a problem, and we need everyone to be aware of it in order to solve it. Teaching your children about the importance of the environment at a young age can help them develop good habits for the future. However, it can be difficult to convey such complex concepts to kids. Here are some easy ways you can improve the environmental awareness of kids at home.

Take them on public transit

Once your children are old enough, consider introducing them to public transit so they can get comfortable with it. Taking public transit when possible can make a big difference in the amount of fuel used and exhaust fumes put out into the world. Explain to your children that even though cars can be convenient, taking a bus or train uses far less fuel in the long run. If your children are comfortable with public transit from a young age, they will be more likely to take it as adults.

Encourage recycling

Recycling is an easy, positive concept for kids to understand. Start by teaching them what items they can recycle and which ones they can’t, and then prominently place recycling bins near your trash can. Reward or praise your kids when they remember to recycle on their own. Soon it will just become second nature.

Plant a garden together

A fun way to teach your children about food sustainability is to plant a garden together, whether it’s just a few small plants growing in your window or a larger one in the backyard. This is a fun bonding experience, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to explain the benefits of natural food and how it’s part of our planet’s natural cycle.

Turn off the water and lights

Set an example for your kids by turning off the water and lights when you aren’t using them. For example, don’t let them leave the faucet running while they are brushing their teeth. Turn lights off when you leave rooms. Turn the TV off and go outside if you aren’t really watching it. When this is part of the culture of your house, your kids will be much more likely to have environmentally friendly practices.

How do you teach children sustainability?

Some of the simplest ways to teach children environmental sustainability is taking them on public transport, encouraging recycling, raising a garden, conserving water and electricity.

How can schools encourage students to save the environment?

Schools can raise student’s awareness on the environment by letting them do outdoor activities to appreciate the surroundings. has listed more activities that schools can do to encourage students to save the environment.

How do you raise an environmentalist?

Teaching your children about the importance of the environment at a young age can help them develop good habits for the future. You can also start environmental awareness at home. has a list of environment-friendly activities for you and your child.

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