2019 Stroller Review: Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is a lightweight, sleek and versatile travel system that comes with a stroller and an infant car seat that could transform into a bassinet.
At a Glance
  • Ideal for people looking for a lightweight, durable and sturdy modular stroller (stroller, a car seat and bassinet combo) for everyday use but have a small budget.
  • A great option for a travel system for city use involving paved roads or areas with smooth floors, sidewalks, streets – an urban stroller.
  • The travel system is compact and perfect for moving around and for storage in small spaces.

About the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is a lightweight, sleek and versatile travel system that comes with a stroller and an infant car seat that could transform into a bassinet.

The modular travel system package also includes a large 3-panel canopy to keep your baby safe from the harmful sun rays, an extra large storage basket, a removable child tray, sturdy cruiser tires made of good quality plastic, and a quick, slim foldable feature.

In general, the size of the whole travel system is perfect for everyday city use. The whole 3-in-1 system weighs 38.5 lbs (17.5 kg) and has an overall dimension of 41.5 inches (H) x 26.5 inches (W) x 34 inches (D) that can carry a minimum weight of 4 lbs (1.8 kg.) and a maximum weight of 35 lbs. (15.9 kg) for the car seat and 50 lbs (22.7 kg) for the regular seat. So this stroller can grow with your baby and serve you for a few years. When folded, it measures 31.5 inches (H) x 26.5 inches (W) x 18.5 inches (D).

What’s included in the set?

  • SafeMax Infant Car Seat
  • SafeZone Base
  • Toddler seat that fully reclines and converts to a bassinet
  • Child tray
  • Cup holder for parent

Best Suitable For

This light, compact travel system is best for those looking for a sturdy, versatile modular stroller for everyday city use at a mid-range price.

Ease of Folding

The stroller is extremely easy to fold and collapses down quick with one click which takes about 5 seconds. It’s easy to store in a closet or fit in a small trunk. There are two levers on each side of the handlebar, you just need to lift them up so the stroller folds down. Parents need not stoop down to fold or open the stroller too. After folding, there’s an option to lock the stroller by pressing one button so the stroller stands on its own and remain folded. To unfold the stroller, however, you will be needing both hands, although this is common in most strollers.

Since it is also very simple to break down and put back up again, and it is also slim when folded, it is great for easy transport. Because it’s compact, you won’t feel like pushing a bulky stroller or a wagon, although some have noted that the size when folded is a challenge to fit in the trunk for people with smaller cars. It also takes one hand to fold and two hands to unfold the stroller.

Most customers have noticed that when folded, this travel system doesn’t stand firmly well and tends to easily tip over.

Seating Options

This Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System provides six different seating options for your child. There’s an option to make it into a car seat for your baby, or toddler seat, and also an option to convert it to a bassinet while your child can ride facing you or the other way.

SafeMax Infant Car Seat

Perfect fit for your child from 4 lbs (1.8 kg.) to 35 lbs. (15.9 kg). This is rear-facing when installed in the car and weighs just about 8 lbs (3.6 kg). It can also be removed from the car seat mode by one click to turn it into a stroller – some users have however noted that the system doesn’t easily transform despite several clicks. The car seat mode has a cushion for the head, a full canopy to protect from the sunlight, and also cushion for back support, which is removable once your infant gets bigger. There is also harness straps that can be adjusted to accommodate your baby’s growth.

It has almost all of the features you’d want in a car seat to make sure your child is riding safe and comfortable like an adjustable/optional head cushion for extra head and neck support and easily adjustable straps that accommodate all sizes within the safety limits. The car seat also provides a wide shade to protect the baby’s face and eyes. The car seat snaps easily into the base and is removed just as easily with the simple grip of the back release handle.

The car seat, however, does not come with adjustable shoulder pads for the straps. The stroller straps do come with padding.

Carriage/Bassinet Mode

For longer walks, parents have the option to turn the car seat to a carriage mode by turning the toddler seat into a bassinet. If the car seat was removed from the frame, just flip it over and unfasten the buckle, then pull the strap to recline the seat then click the seat into the frame to fully recline it and before you know it, you’ll have a stroller and a bassinet.

Toddler Mode

Another feature that you can use when your baby has a stronger neck, back, and head control is the toddler seat instead of the carriage seat. This option can be achieved by either lifting the whole seat or just reclining the whole backrest by using a strap. In this fully-reclined set-up, your child can nap during a stroll or you can change the diaper without having to go to changing rooms.

Under this mode, there is a harness that you can adjust to secure your child when riding, the toddler seat is also reversible which means your child can ride facing you or facing the surroundings and you don’t have to worry as you can always check on your child from the peek-a-boo feature in the canopy.


The modular aspect of this travel system is very easy to navigate. The switch from the toddler seat to the infant seat, for example, makes it convenient for traveling. Since the bassinet also turns into a regular stroller seat with a click of a buckle and a pull of a strap, it can accommodate the growth of your baby at least from infancy to a toddler weighing 35 lbs at most.

Some users, however, had a problem trying to get the car seat to click into a stroller despite several attempts.


This stroller has two small front cruiser wheels and two bigger ones at the back. The wheels are easy to navigate with one hand, although depending on the surface, two hands might be required to push it in a grassy area. In general, this travel system is definitely for city use mostly for outdoor activities involving paved roads or areas with smooth floors, uneven sidewalks, streets. In general, an urban stroller. You can’t lock the front wheels so this is not recommended for all-terrain rides. This stroller is not to be used as a jogging stroller or on uneven surfaces.

Most customers complain about the wheels getting stuck and unable to move as the wheels have the tendency to get caught all the time and may end up being pushed with stuck wheels until it can finally function again. Even manually adjusting the wheels would not get it to budge easily.


The car seat is plush but firm. The frame feels sturdy although some users noticed that the stroller seem a little wobbly when the baby is not in it. But then, the stroller is quite stable when the baby is inside riding it.
The ideal weight of a baby passenger is somewhere from 4 to 35 lbs, but some customers noted using the stroller for a 3-year-old child weighing 50 lbs (22.7 kg).


The travel system at 38.5 lbs (17.5 kg) is very lightweight for a full-size stroller with all the 3-in-1 features and convertible aspects. It is also compact and has a slim silhouette when folded. The handle is also relatively light making it easy to maneuver with one hand. The whole stroller can be lifted with one hand.

The car seat, however, at 8 lbs (3.6 kg) is a little heavier compared to other stand-alone car seats you can purchase from stores, although it looks more sturdy and thus looks safer in case of an accident.


Very sleek and stylish stroller set available in five different color options: Sandstone, Aspen Skies, Manchester Tan, Casual Grey, and Rockland, all showing a beautiful neutral color that looks elegant and expensive.


The stroller set is made of is easy to clean up fabric. The car seat material is super soft yet it looks and feels like it has good quality. The base is made from light plastic and isn’t quite as sturdy as with other brands, where the base is metal with a plastic coating, but it holds the whole travel system together quite nicely.

The canopy is also made of the same easy-to-clean material, but with a mesh peek-a-boo window, which provides extra ventilation for your child. The stroller has two bigger rear wheels and two smaller front ones with Cruiser Tires both made of plastic and rubber.

Storage Capacity

The storage space is huge measuring over 12 inches in length. Imagine it can fit a jumbo diaper bag, a purse, a snack bag, and some shopping bags. The basket is just large and can be used to store some grocery bags too which can all fit under the large basket under the seat.

Without shopping bags, the storage can accommodate the baby’s essentials and all of the necessary baby gear. Imagine being able to fit a bag and a large diaper bag which makes it easier to carry on a casual stroll out or a nice day at the mall. The basket is also accessible from the back and front side of the stroller.


In general, the size of the whole travel system is perfect for everyday city use. The stroller has an overall dimension of 41.5 inches (H) x 26.5 inches (W) x 34 inches (D). When folded, it measures 31.5 inches (H) x 26.5 inches (W) x 18.5 inches (D).

Some users have concerns however on the base size being too wide. Users said it is wide for public transportation, it also seems large to fit in a minivan, and would probably not work out in a smaller vehicle. The size is however not a problem for those with bigger vehicles. To be sure, measure the seat measurements first before buying.

Other than that, it’s a great combo for daily use.


This is probably one of the best features of the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System. It is very easy to put together and especially very light-weight. The instructions were very clear and straightforward with images. Sometimes, you don’t even need not look at the instructions to figure it out.

It could take under 5 minutes to attach the wheels, handlebar, and the seat. This is by far, one of the easiest stroller to assemble as everything was very intuitive and simple.


As we’ve noted above, this is a 3-in-1 combo. You can turn your stroller into a car seat or a bassinet depending on your child’s needs. Many users like the fact that the seat of the stroller converts to a bassinet which makes it very easy when the child falls asleep while in the stroller.

The bassinet also allows the baby to sleep on longer period without being disturbed. It’s very handy all in all.

Value for Money

The price was great considering how much similar products of a stroller and car seat combo sell for. The travel system also looks very high end and comes with every accessory that you may need.

The only thing that may bother some people is the wide base at the back wheels, which makes it a bit difficult to fit in smaller spaces. But again, for the price, this is an excellent stroller/car seat combo.

Stroller Accessories Included

  • Wheels: The wheels are made of plastic and rubber so they will function better at hard floors and cement. Back wheels stick out sometimes that it gets caught on corners and doors.
  • Brakes: This stroller set is fitted with double action brakes found next to the back wheels that allow you to lock each one separately. What’s better is that the brakes are easy to manage – just press and lift.
  • Child Tray: A removable child tray is included in the set which is a big advantage since most of the strollers in the market rarely include this accessory.
  • Cup holder: Another add-on that some parent may find useful is the cup holder for a drink. While it is a good addition, the cup holder is not that great since it doesn’t stay on so well and is a bit wobbly.
  • Rubberized footrest: This feature is very useful. The footrest with a rubberized fabric can be cleaned easily when the child has wet shoes or shoes covered with dirt. The material can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.
  • Canopy: The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System comes with a wide, 3-panel canopy that provides full coverage for your baby’s face and eyes from harmful sun rays. It is large enough to block out the sun and is easily adjusted too. When using in carriage or stroller seat mode (facing away from you), you can peak on your little one through the mesh window without waking him/her up. The mesh window has a Velcro flap that keeps it covered when not in use.
  • Handlebar: This modular travel system has a handlebar with a fixed height at 40 inches (101.6 cm) from the ground. The shape and construction of the handlebar are good. However, it is only ergonomic for pushing to shorter people. Since the handlebar is fixed and not adjustable, very tall parents may find the handlebar in this set a bit too short.


The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is a great buy for parents looking for a lightweight, durable and sturdy modular stroller for everyday city use but has a small budget. Considering its multi-functionality with a stroller, a car seat and bassinet combo, and other add-ons like child tray, and cup holder, among others, it gives good value for money compared to similar models from other brands.

Since the combo is also foldable and compact, it is a good stroller for moving around and for families who have little space at home, although there might be some concerns storing it on small vehicles or carrying it in public transportation.

Overall, however, this is a good buy considering all the features it is offering for a mid-range price. Parents could also save big time as the travel system could grow with your child from infancy to the time they are toddlers and a convertible, modular travel system such as this one means you have pretty much everything you will need in one package. It is safe, comfortable, convenient and a good purchase for the price.

2019 Stroller Review: Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
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