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2020 Stroller Review: Expedition Jogger Travel System

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System is a good choice for a lightweight, safe, compact and all-in-one jogger for casual runners at a pocket-friendly price that’s hard to beat for this set. You get a car seat and a stroller with everything you’ll need from huge storage, detachable wheels for easy storage, two cup holders and rubber tires that is great on all types of terrains. Find out more about this travel system in our review below.
At a Glance
  • The Expedition Jogger is your best bet for a low price, durable and all-in-one jogger travel systems out there with removable front-tires for easy storage even on small spaces.
  • This travel system can swivel and the front wheel can be locked for easy turns and fast runs although this is good for casual runners and not for serious runners due to lack of suspension and adjustable tracking.
  • The rubber tires also work on uneven terrains giving a fairly smooth ride and the ergonomic design allows for easy and even one-hand maneuver.

About the Baby Trend Expedition Travel System

The Baby Trend Expedition Travel system is a safe, lightweight and multi-functional travel system that comes with a stroller that is pretty good for jogging and a durable infant car seat in a price range that is hard to beat for this package.

It weighs 41 lbs (19 kg) and measures 44 inches (L) x 46 inches (H) x 22 (W). When folded, the stroller has a 34” x 23” x 26” dimensions.

The Expedition Travel System is recommended for children weighing 5 lbs to 30 lbs. The full stroller mode, meanwhile, is suitable from birth until the baby is 42” in height and weighs not over 50 lbs.

Stroller review Expedition Jogger

What’s included in the set?

  • Infant Car Seat
  • Toddler stroller
  • Child tray
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Footrest Reflector
  • Two cup holder for parents

Best Suitable For

The Baby Trend Expedition is your best option for a handy, safe, durable, and budget all-in-one jogger travel system that is great for casual runners as the tire design work on all types of uneven terrains and the ergonomic structure of the stroller allows for easy and even one-hand maneuver. It is also best for storing as it is compact and lightweight.

Ease of Folding

The stroller folds up fairly easy. You just need to pull the hooks on both side of the stroller frame at the same time or slide the side levers up on each side. The stroller folds up tight and locks into place. It is also possible to let it stand on its own after folding. To unfold, just release the lock bar and then unfold as necessary. There’s also built-in handles to make it more convenient to move it around.

To make it more compact, you can choose to remove the front wheel to save more space and make it easier to store in your trunk. Despite the stroller being relatively light at 41 lbs compared to other similar travel systems in the market, its steel frame makes it durable and also easy to lug around when jogging.

Taking the stroller off the base in the car and the stroller, however, can be a bit challenging and you have to exert some force to the lever to take it off the base.

You also have to use both hands to fold and unfold the whole system since you have to pull the trigger on both sides of the strollers.

Seating Options

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System could be used as both a car seat and an actual jogger making it convenient for use whether in the car or in casual jogging.

Car Seat

The car seat is recommended for babies weighing 5 lbs to 30 lbs. It can hold your little one until around 30 inches, or about the time they are 1 year old. The seat has soft, heat pillow padding inside, is lightweight at 7.5 lbs and a little on the smaller side than regular car seats.

Most users, however, raised concerns about the lack of proper head and neck support for the baby since there isn’t much padding behind their heads. Some recommended it is better to buy a good quality infant support system separately and just insert it into the system to provide a better head and neck support. The car seat also lacks some leg room when the baby is growing.

The car seat levers, which makes it click in and out of the base and the stroller, unlike other car seats are also placed near the footrest of the baby and not near the head which makes it a bit harder to reach for people with smaller cars.

Some users said the best part of the car seat is the base with its Flex Loc that uses a unique latch system that is flexible and not fixed making it easier to hook in the car. You can also adjust the base and recline the seat in four different heights, making it easier for parents to find the perfect angle for their babies whether they are sitting or napping.

Actual Jogger/Stroller

This travel system, when used as a stroller, is very handy for jogging. The special 3-wheel design makes it perfect for jogging and it maneuvers effortlessly. The tires use, pretty much similar to the bicycle tires, allows the stroller to cruise at a faster speed. The big tires also make the stroller glide effortlessly for a smooth ride. The front wheel can swivel and could also be locked depending on your convenience. The stroller mode can be manipulated using one hand and is easy to recline when the baby is napping. It also has ventilation features that could be fitted on any weather condition.

The common concern is also on head support and the lack of suspension, making it ideal for casual jogger parents but not for serious runners. Some users also said the hard seat makes it uncomfortable for babies and would not be ideal for long-distance use.


One of the best features of Trend Expedition is that it steers smoothly on all kinds of terrain. The tires are also fairly easy and versatile for use in all terrain like grass, dirt road, gravel, and pavement since the tires are similar to bicycle tires.

Pushing and turns on different surfaces is also easy since the stroller mode, for example, has a narrow width and shorter wheelbase, allowing the user to turn the system pretty easily. Since it is lightweight, it is also convenient to push around. The wheels also swivel making it easy to turn.


The Expedition Jogger is not really meant for serious runners or long-distance runs due to the lack of suspension on the stroller. The tracking is also not adjustable which may cause the stroller to veer to different directions when running at high speeds.

This model also didn’t provide an adjustable handlebar, which could be quite a challenge for very tall parents. But in general, this is a good travel system for casual jogger parents that also want a car seat with the stroller.


This stroller/jogger is made of fabric that feels rough but users said is durable. The frame is made of steel with some plastic connectors for folding and flex at the hinge areas. Some users noted that the frame is a bit smaller than the average strollers, lacks shocks and all the connections in the frame are not properly covered for aesthetic purposes.

Everything, however, fits well together, but it feels a little loose than what is normally expected for joggers. The wheels of the travel system are also similar to that of a bicycle so it is durable and sturdy. Overall, the system is safe and durable but needs some tightening on the connection areas.


This item weighs 41 lbs (19kg). The car seat on its own just weighs 7.5 lbs which makes the whole travel system fairly lightweight and easy to move around compared to other similar travel systems available in the market.

Despite the lightweight, the steel frame surely makes the stroller sturdy. If you opt for an ever lighter one, you may also choose to release the tires when carrying.

In general, this jogger/stroller is around 5 lbs lighter than most travel systems available on the market, which makes it great especially when you’re running. It’s always easier to push a light stroller. Even getting this stroller in and out of your car trunk is fairly easy considering how light it weighs.


The Expedition Jogger features a special 3-wheel design which makes it perfect for jogging as it maneuvers effortlessly and even allows control using one-hand. Many users also noted the unique triangle shaped handle that makes it easier for the parent to grip the stroller in different positions and carry the stroller around. The soft rubber also makes it less painful to lift even on prolonged periods, whether by hand or arm.

Storage Capacity

The stroller itself has an extra large under seat storage bin that can fit even an extra large diaper bag making it convenient to store your baby needs.

The storage can carry only up to 5 lbs and you can reach through the bin from all sides of the storage whether from the front, back or sides.

The stroller also features a console for parents that has two cup holders, an optional compartment and a child tray.


The assembled stroller measures 44 inches (L) x 46 inches (H) x 22 (W). When folded, the stroller has a 34” x 23” x 26” dimensions.

In general, the stroller can hold your baby until the time they are about 30 inches in height. The compact size and relatively light weight of the travel system make it easier to lift and store in smaller spaces whether in a car trunk or at home.


This stroller is very handy and quick to assemble. It takes anywhere from 6-8 minutes to finish the setup, which can be done by just one person. The illustrations in the instructions, however, are somehow hard to understand.

Some users also said the instructions can be a bit confusing especially for installing the parts that already came pre-installed in the package.

Value for Money

The price is really good for the stroller, which can be used as a jogger, and a car seat as most jogging strollers alone cost more than this set. This is a good option if you’re on a budget but would want both a car seat and a stroller in one package. The stroller could probably last you through one child, depending on usage.

But in general, the Expedition Jogger is probably one of the best in its price range. It has one of the smoothest rides when jogging, it’s pretty versatile for all terrains, it’s convertible to a car seat, it’s lightweight, safe and also compact for easy storage.

Stroller Accessories Included

  • Wheels: The travel system has bicycle-like tires made to endure bumpy, rough rides making it smoother and comfortable for your child. The three-tire, bicycle tires use in the stroller are also made for faster speeds. They’re filled with air making them good for suspension and smooth ride.

    The stroller features two 16-inch back tires and a 12-inch front tire that can swivel or it can be locked in place for longer rides. The only downside noted are flats and air leaks, which could be a problem if you don’t have your own air pump.
  • Brakes: This stroller has a front brake that locks the front wheel into place so that it doesn’t wobble or turn unexpectedly. Both the back wheels also have their own brakes which you can control by simply pressing down the lever on each side.

    The brakes are also double action and require that two pedals be pressed for the brakes to be engaged. Some users said the pedals are not footwear friendly since they are a bit stiff and requires some effort to manage.
  • Child Tray: A child tray is included in the set which is a useful accessory.
  • Cup holder: The set features two cup holders which are also useful for storing drinks and is better than other travel systems providing only one cup holder. Some users, however, noted that the cup holder is way too small to hold wide bottom drinks and can only hold standard size bottled water.
  • Canopy: The shade or canopy has an average size with a small, mesh peek-a-boo window for the parent to check on their little one. However, some concerns were raised on the canopy not being large enough to fully cover the baby and provides little protection on the sides of the sun and wind.
  • Harness: The Expedition Jogger has a simple 5-point harness that is easy to use and ensures that your child is safe. The straps are also adjustable for both the shoulder and crotch area.  The straps, however, don’t have paddings which might be uncomfortable to babies. You also need to release each side of the strap separately from the buckle which could be a bit confusing and too much work for busy, on-the-go parents.
  • Footrest Reflectors: This is another favorite feature of the Expedition jogger stroller. This is an essential feature for running parents as it helps make the stroller visible even when they’re not clearly seen or not as much lighting is available especially in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Rain Cover: Other Expedition strollers also have this special add-on and it is quite useful as it helps protect your baby from sudden rain and wind. It is made of see-thru polyvinyl and attaches with Velcro straps. The cover folds up small and compact when not in use so it can fit easily in the storage area of the stroller.


This is a good option for those wanting to get a good jogging stroller and a great car seat in one set, at a pocket-friendly price. This is recommended for casual joggers or parents who run occasionally and needing both a car seat and a reliable stroller for jogging.

It is adaptable to all terrains, easy to maneuver, sturdy durable, and equipped with the necessary harness and brakes to keep your child safe. The footrest reflectors, the two cup holders, and the rain cover also make this a good option for the price range that is sold on the market.

The Expedition Jogger is also lightweight, compact with removable front tires that makes storage much more easier even on smaller cars or spaces at home.

How much does the Baby Trend Expedition Travel system weigh?

The Baby Trend Expedition weighs 41 lbs and measures 44 inches (L) x 46 inches (H) x 22 (W). When folded, the stroller has a 34” x 23” x 26” dimensions. It is recommended for children weighing 5 lbs to 30 lbs.

What’s included in the Baby Trend Expedition Travel system?

The set of Baby Trend Expedition Travel System comes with an infant car seat, a toddler stroller, a child tray, a mobile phone holder, a footrest reflector and two cupholders for parents. A comprehensive review of the Baby Trend Expedition Travel system can be found at

What baby weight is best suited for the Expedition Travel System?

The Expedition Travel System is recommended for children weighing 5 lbs to 30 lbs. The full stroller mode, meanwhile, is suitable from birth until the baby is 42” in height and weighs not over 50 lbs.

What is the Expedition Jogger Travel System best for?

The Expedition Travel System is best for a low price, durable and all-in-one jogger travel systems for casual runners with all-terrain rubber tires, and removable front-tires for easy storage even in small spaces. More details about the Baby Trend Expedition Travel System can be found at

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