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ᐅ Children’s clothing size conversion chart | US to MX, UK, EU, AU

Children's clothing size conversion chart
Converting Children’s clothing sizes is a challenge. Find here a comprehensive children’s clothing size conversion chart overview from US to UK, EU, AU, MX sizes for your convenience.
At a Glance
  • Only at first glance do Children’s Clothing Size Conversion Chart appear to be the same throughout the world.
  • At second glance, however, it becomes apparent that the size specifications differ from country to country and sometimes from manufacturer to manufacturer. Various countries have established their own systems for clothing sizes and hence Children’s Clothing Size Conversion Charts.
  • In addition, apparel manufacturers are often not even obliged to adhere to size specifications.

Children’s Clothing Size Conversion Chart

222 - 392-98 cm3
333 - 498-104 cm4
444 - 5 104-110 cm5
555 - 6110-116 cm6
666 - 7116-122 cm7
777 - 8122-128 cm8
888 - 9128-134 cm9
101010 - 11134-140 cm11
121212 - 13140-146 cm13
141414 - 15146-152 cm15

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Children’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart

US Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeInchCentimetre
O.5 C0163.258.3
1 C0.5163.58.9
1.5 C1173.6259.2
2 C1173.759.5
2.5 C1.518410.2
3 C2184.12510.5
3.5 C2.5194.2510.8
4 C3194.511.4
4.5 C3.5204.62511.7
5 C4204.7512.1
5.5 C4.521512.7
6 C5.5225.12513
6.5 C5.5225.2513.3
7 C6235.514
7.5 C6.5235.62514.3
8 C7245.7514.6
8.5 C7.525515.2
9 C8256.12515.6
9.5 C8.5266.2515.9
10 C9276.516.5
10.5 C9.5276.62516.8
11 C10286.7517.1
11.5 C10.529717.8
12 C11307.12518.1
12.5 C11.5307.2518.4
13 C12317.519.1
13.5 C12.5317.62519.4
1 Y13327.7519.7
1.5 Y1433820.3
2 Y1338.12520.6
2.5 Y1.5348.2521
3 Y2348.521.6
3.5 Y2.5358.62521.9
4 Y3368.7522.2
4.5 Y3.536922.9
5 Y4379.12523.2
5.5 Y4.5379.2523.5
6 Y5389.524.1
6.5 Y5389.62524.4
7 Y6399.7524.8

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How Children’s Clothing Size Conversion Works

Shopping for clothes overseas is fun, but converting sizes from one country to another makes it a nightmare. Different countries after all follow different sizing standards which could sometimes be confusing.

The US, UK and Australian children’s sizes for example are traditionally based on the child’s age. American children’s sizes however include toddler sizes, bigger sizes for big kids and size differences between girls and boys. In other parts of Europe meanwhile, sizing is based on the height of the child and the unit used is centimeters.

Europe has the most accurate sizing metrics as its sizes is based on the centimeter measurement of a child’s bust, waist, and length. This is unlike the US, UK and Australia that uses a generalized age gauge for the size, approximating that the age of the child will also most likely fit their body type at that period.

But kids with the same age can still have different sizes. A 10-year old kid from the US for example will have a different size compared to an Asian kid in the same age category.

To make sizing conversion for kids clothing more confusing, the US, UK and Australia, despite using the age to determine the size, have different measurement correspondent to age. A size 10 in US for example will tend to be slightly different than the size 10 in Australia.

So when it comes to finding the right size for your child, it’s still advisable to measure your child’s height and weight to get a more accurate sizing rather than just relying purely on age to determine their size. Despite this, some clothing companies still refer to their own sizing charts, so it is still best to always check first as sizes tend to be different everywhere.

What should I pay attention to when buying children’s clothing?

  • It is always good to look into your clothes and see how they have been processed: Are there seams, signs, etc. that scratch or press buttons?
  • Does the material feel pleasant and soft? Is it of good quality? Then the child will also like it!
  • With jeans and other tight pants made of firm material, think about the freedom of movement and also about the fact that a diaper bottom might have to fit in. So in case of doubt don’t buy any skinny jeans (or put on enough stretch).
  • In general: Check the garments for robustness and comfort.

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