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As a parent, kids jeans sizes are something you’re constantly grasping about. For one, your child is always growing, and you just can’t keep up with these jumbling numbers. For another, kids jeans size types have different measurements. You can now sigh in relief because we’ve done the hard work for you. With a proper kids jeans size chart for boys jeans sizes and girls jeans sizes, buying your child’s next pair of jeans will be easy-peasy!
At a Glance
  • To find the perfect-fitting jeans for your child, you need to use a measuring tape and take measurements of the (1) waist, (2) hips, and (3) inseam.
  • International jeans sizes are different to each other. For example, American children sizes are commonly measured using inches while European kids sizes use centimeters. Additionally, some American kids jeans sizes come with a “T” which are meant for toddlers.
  • Boys’ Jeans Sizes are shorter than Girls’ Jeans Sizes when the boys are very young. They get longer then girls jeans sizes, when they get older.
  • When it comes to cleaning jeans, it is recommended to wash jeans after every 4 or 5 wears. It is best to check the care labels and instructions for proper washing and handling of the denim.

How Do You Measure Your Kid’s Jeans Size?

Get a tape measure ready. If you don’t have one, use a string to take your child’s measurements instead and hold it alongside a ruler afterward. Have your child stand up straight for easy measuring. Additionally, if you have a pair of kids pants that fit your child, you may use it as well.

  • Waist: Measure around the natural waistline near your child’s belly button.
  • Hips:  Have your child standing up with feet together and place the measuring tape around the fullest point of the hips.
  • Inseam: With your child standing, measure from the crotch to the feet straight to the ground.

If you have pants that fit your child, lay them with the creases smooth and measure along the inseam from crotch to the bottom of leg hem.

Boys Jeans Size Chart

US SizeWaist
Pants Inseam
522 1/217 1/2
62319 1/2
723 1/220
102524 1/2
142728 1/2

Boys jeans during their younger years tend to be shorter than girls in the same age. As boys grow up, however, the size of boys jeans becoming longer than the girls for the reason that our little boys usually grow taller than girls at some point.

Based on boys jeans size chart, for US sizes, boys jeans starts with a 4 which has a 22 inches waist and an inseam of 16. It runs to 5, 6, 7 and so on until size 16 with 28 inches waist and 30 inches inseam. Boy’s jeans size chart and children’s place size chart showing conversion to other international sizes are also available online.

Girls Jeans Size Chart

US SizeWaist
Pants Inseam
G142927 1/2

Girls jeans sizes tend to be longer compared to boys jeans when they are younger, but it is sewn shorter than boys after some time anticipating that boys height catch-up with girls at some point. A girls jeans size starts with a G4 which has a 22 inches waist and a 19 inches inseam. Then the sizes go up to G5, G6, G6x until G14 with 29 inches waist and 27.5 inches inseam. Girls jeans size chart are readily available online to help you identify the right jeans size for your little girl. Children’s place size chart is also available online for a complete size guide including age, height, weight, chest, and waist.

Kids Jeans Size Charts

Here are some additional kids jeans size charts to help you determine how to find the right fit for your boy or girl. Please note that these are general jeans size charts. Additionally, actual sizing may differ slightly from brand to brand and for boys or girls.

Regular Kids Jeans Size Chart

US SizeAgeHeight (in)Weight (lbs)Waist (in)Inseam (in)
2T233 - 3530 - 3220.5 - 21
3T335 - 3832 - 3521 - 21.5
4XS438 - 4135 - 39 21.5 - 2215.5 - 17
5S541 - 4439 - 4522 - 22.517 - 18.75
6S644 - 46.545 - 5022.5 - 2318.75 - 20.25
7M746.5 - 50.550 - 5723 - 23.525 - 27.5
8M850.5 - 52.557 - 6523.5 - 24.2523 - 24.25
10L1052.5 - 5565 - 7524.25 - 2524.25 - 26
12L1255 - 5875 - 8625 - 2626 - 27.5
14XL1458 - 6186 - 10026 - 2827.5 - 29

Slim Kids Jeans Size Chart

US SizeAgeHeight (in)Weight (lbs)Waist (in)Inseam (in)
4SXS3-438 - 4132 - 3519.5 - 2015.5 - 17
5SS4-541 - 4435 - 3920 - 20.517 - 18.75
6SS5-644 - 46.539 - 45 20.5 - 2118.75 - 20.25
7SM6-746.5 - 50.545 - 5021 - 21.520.25 - 23
8SM7-850.5 - 52.550 - 5721.5 - 22.2523 - 24.25
10SL9-1052.5 - 5557 - 6522.25 - 2324.25 - 26
12SL11-1255 - 5865 - 7523 - 2426 - 27.5
14SXL13-1458 - 6175 - 8624 - 2627.5 - 29
16SXXL14-1661 - 62.586 - 10026 - 2829 - 29.5

Plus Size Kids Jeans Size Chart

US SizeAgeHeight (in)Weight
Waist (in)Inseam (in)
4PXS3-438 - 4145 - 5024 - 24.515 - 16.5
5PS4-541 - 4450 - 5724.5 - 2516.5 - 18.25
6PS5-644 - 46.557 - 6525 - 25.518.25 - 19.75
7PM6-746.5 - 50.565 - 7525.5 - 2619.75 - 22.5
8PM7-850.5 - 52.575 - 8626 - 26.7522.5 - 23.75
10PL9-1052.5 - 5586 - 100 26.75 - 27.523.75 - 25.5
12PL11-1255 - 58100 - 10827.5 - 28.525.5 - 27
14PXL13-1458 - 61108 - 11728.5 - 30.527 - 28.5
16PXXL15-1661 - 62.5117 - 126 30.5 - 32.528.5 - 29

Find here more information about Kids Pants Sizes.

Size 12 jeans

A size 12 jeans size refers to a boys US size 12 jeans in inches with 26 inches waist and 27 inches inseam. Size 12 jeans in inches will also measure longer than a girls size G12 with 28 inches waist and 26 inches inseam.

Size 28 jeans

Size 28 jeans could mean a US boys jeans size 16 with 28 inches waist and 30 inches inseam or a girls jeans size G12 which also have a 28 inches waist and an inseam measurement of 26 inches.

Size 30 jeans

For a size 30 jeans meanwhile, it could also mean kids jeans size for both girls and boys. A size over 16 for boys and size over G14 for girls depending on what the 30 means. A size 30 jeans is also a size that is commonly available for adult sizes.

Kids Jeans Size Conversion

International jeans sizes are different to each other. For example, American children sizes are commonly measured using inches while European kids sizes use centimeters. Additionally, some American kids jeans sizes come with a “T” which are meant for toddlers. If you want to learn more about Asian Children Size Charts, check here.

Is this a bit confusing? Don’t worry, here is a guide for you to get a comparison in seconds. Use this table to convert between different jeans sizes.

2T2-392-98 cm3
4T3-498-104 cm4
54-5104-110 cm5
65-6110-116 cm6
6X/76-7116-122 cm7
7-87-8122-128 cm8
9-108-9128-134 cm9
109-10134-140 cm10
1210-11140-146 cm11
1411-12146-152 cm12

Children with Jeans

Most Popular Kid’s Jeans Brands

The following brands are well-loved by both parents and children for their comfort and quality. If you are thinking of purchasing some new pairs for your little one, these brands might have some of the best choices for you!

Levi’s GAP Kids Old Navy Abercrombie Kids H&M Land’s End Carhartt Tough Skins Children’s Place

How to Convert Girls’ Jeans Sizes to Boys’ Jeans Sizes and Vice Versa

Girls’ and boys’ jeans sizes differ slightly from one another. Usually, though, these sizes have the same numbers, only their equivalent measurements differ for each gender. Here are some simple charts that show the difference.

Pro tip: When buying jeans for your kid, you might consider getting something one size bigger so he may be able to grow in them. A nice belt will help you in the meantime!

Kids jeans are one of the wardrobe must-haves of every little kid. Boys and girls, after all, enjoy the comfort, protection, and flexibility that comes with using kids jeans. There are many types of kids jeans in the market today – we have the classic blue jeans, the slim fit jeans, the colored denim, and the skinny kids jeans to choose from.

Finding the right size of jeans for your kids could be challenging as sizing of kids jeans from different countries and brands tend to be different. The measurement for boys and girls also vary depending on the age. Good thing that moms and dads shopping for kids jeans can now just easily refer to boys jeans size chart and girls jeans size chart online for a little help. It is still best however to measure your kid’s waist, hips and inseam to determine the closest jeans fit for them.

In the US, kids jeans sizes are usually measured using inches, while in European countries, measurements are done in centimeters. Kids jeans in the US also have sizes available for toddlers, labeled as “T”.

How to Clean Kids Jeans

They always say that jeans should be washed rarely so they can last longer and maintain their color. But kids are kids, and let’s face it: They always stain their clothes one way or another. So how do you wash jeans and how often should you wash them? Here are some answers to your questions and a few tips to keep your kid’s denim in tip-top shape!

  • Wash jeans every 4 or 5 wears.
  • Check the care labels and instructions for proper washing and handling of the denim.
  • Wash them with care. In order to prevent color loss, use detergents that are meant for colored clothes.
  • Wash inside out to keep the zippers or buttons from getting tangled with other clothes.
  • Clean light stains on the spot. Use a sponge to clean the stains with cold water as soon as possible. Treat grass stains with neat detergent liquid before you put them in the machine. Remember to wash paint or other water-based stains in cold water immediately.

Latest Kids Jeans Trends

Dressing your kids in cute little outfits is a task every parent enjoys. Jeans are always in style and you can pair them with almost anything. They are a wardrobe staple for everyone. But it wouldn’t hurt to dress your child in something more current and flashy, right? Best accompanied by the best fitting shoes. Here are some of the cutest jean trends at the moment.

  • Denim Sweatpants
  • Ultra Cuff
  • Ornate Embellished Denim
  • Asymmetrical Denim
  • Deconstructed Jeans
  • Utility Denim

5 of the Most Common Children’s Jeans

  1. Classic Blue Jeans – You can never go wrong with this timeless pair. It looks good with almost everything and doesn’t ever go out of trend.
  2. Slim Boyfriend Jeans for Girls – If you are opting for a more relaxed and casual look for your jeans but still want her to be on trend, these boyfriend jeans are effortlessly chic.
  3. Relaxed Cuff Denim for Boys – With a lazy, unfussy vibe, these jeans are all the rage for young boys these days.
  4. Colored Denim – To add a little more vibrancy to your child’s wardrobe, some muted colored jeans may add that extra oomph.
  5. Skinny Jeans – Another classic and timeless piece, this pair is a staple in any child’s closet.
Kids Jeans Size Chart | Boys’ Jeans & Girls’ Jeans | Quick And Easy
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