Maternity Jeans Size Chart: All Out Guide to Find The Right Size

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes – from your body to the way you live your everyday life. However, there’s one thing you don’t need to give up: jeans. Although your belly is getting bigger and fuller of life each day, you can still wear a perfect pair of trendy jeans. You just have to figure out which size to buy. Welcome to your ultimate maternity jeans size chart overview!
At a Glance
  • Your maternity jeans size is essentially the same as your pre-pregnancy size. Meaning that, if you were a size small pre-pregnancy, then your maternity size is still a size small.
  • To find the a good-fitting pair of maternity jeans, you need to take accurate measurements using a tape measure of the following: (1) inseam, (2) leg width, (3) waist across, (4) actual waist; (5) belly band/panel (highest point of your belly).
  • There are three main types of maternity jeans: underbelly waistband, over bump waistband, and side stretch panel. Other types are drawstring, jersey basque, and fly-front.
  • Normal size jeans can be worn comfortably during early pregnancy. However, once your belly gets rounder, they become more uncomfortable and too big and baggy in some parts.

How to Measure Your Maternity Jeans Size

Different brands have different sizes, so it is very helpful if you take your actual measurements first. You can then compare them to a size chart of a particular brand. This way, you can be assured that you’re buying jeans that will fit you perfectly. Note that fit and sizing will also vary for you throughout your pregnancy, depending on how you carry your baby or how much weight you gain. Here’s a guide on how to take your measurements:

  • Inseam: measure from your inside crotch to the bottom of your leg.
  • Leg Width: measure the width of your front leg from left to right, not around.
  • Waist Across: if using a pair of jeans as a reference, measure from the top of jeans hip/waist from left to right.
  • Actual waist: measure around your waistline.
  • Belly Band/Panel: measure from the biggest point of your belly (usually the belly button) all the way around your abdomen.

How Does a Maternity Jeans Size Chart Work?

Let’s answer this burning question: how do maternity jeans actually work? You must be wondering how the dynamics work. If your belly is swollen, how do the jeans stretch or how do they stay up? There are three main types of maternity jeans: underbelly waistband, over bump waistband, and side stretch panel. Other types are drawstring, jersey basque, and fly-front.

Under Belly Waistband• have an elastic waistband at the top of the jeans

• actual waistband sits underbelly as you get bigger

• usually unnoticeable under your top.
• perfect for early pregnancy as it will gently cradle your tummy and expand with you
Over Belly Waistband• have an over belly soft fabric waistband

• recommended for women who are not used to wearing low cut hipster jeans
Side Stretch Panels• have side stretch panels that expand with your tummy

• looks just like regular jeans from the back

• perfect for ladies who can't take a lot of pressure and restriction on their belly
Jersey Basque• soft, stretchy, expandable, jersey front panel

• concealable elastic can help with the fit
• may be used during second and third trimester
Drawstring• adjustable front drawstring

• elasticated band at the back
• preferably used during first trimester
Fly Front• works like side-stretch panels except for a button or zip opening at the front• may be used throughout the whole pregnancy depending on your weight-gain or how big your bump gets

Can I just wear normal size jeans even though I am pregnant?

Normal size jeans can be worn comfortably during early pregnancy. However, once your belly gets rounder, they become more and more uncomfortable. They also become too big and baggy in some parts.

Pregnant woman wearing maternity jeans

Maternity Jeans Size Chart

The deal with maternity jeans sizes is that they usually work just like your normal pre-pregnancy size. For example, if you were a size when you were not pregnant, you are still a 6 in maternity clothing size. If you are buying a pair of jeans, particularly designer ones that are measured by the waist (for example size 27), you will still buy it in the same size, only the maternity kind.

Here you can find the maternity jeans size chart from the most popular jeans brands.

Levi’s Jeans Size Chart

Manufacturer SizeUS SizeWaist

Walmart Jeans Size Chart

Manufacturer SizeUS SizeWaistHips

ASOS Jeans Size Chart


Target Jeans Size Chart

In Target stores, refer to your original, pre-pregnancy size unless otherwise specified by a particular brand.

XXL1818 Jeans Size Chart

Maternity SizeFull Hip Size

Most Popular Maternity Jeans Brands

Levis ASOS Seraphine Topshop H&M Motherhood Maternity Old Navy GAP  Target

Additional Tips

  • It’s recommended that you stay with your pre-pregnancy size unless the brand offers a different sizing chart.
  • The perfect fit should be firm and comfortable. There should be no feeling of pressure on the belly.
  • For your pregnancy jeans to last longer, remember to pull them up by the denim and not by the stretchable belly fabric. Aditionally, observe proper care when pulling them off.
  • If possible, try before you buy.
  • Buy at least two pairs.
  • Choose a pair that will most probably last through your whole pregnancy.
  • Avoid maternity pants that are narrow on the legs.
  • Choose pants that are made of natural, breathable materials, like cotton.

Remember, just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion sense. And it doesn’t have to stop with maternity jeans either. All sorts of clothing are available in maternity sizes. In fact, you can even have fun developing your own maternity style! Play with it. Think of it as having a whole new wardrobe!

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