Maternity Pants Size Chart: All You Need to Know

Being pregnant for the first time can come with a lot of challenges for a woman, especially once the belly starts growing. For at least 6 months, most of your clothes will no longer fit you. Although you can probably wear your good old dresses and leggings, nothing will beat a pair of proper maternity pants. But which maternity pants size do you need? Find here a comprehensive maternity pants size chart overview.
At a Glance
  • Do not buy maternity pants that are 2 sizes bigger; maternity sizes usually follow a woman’s pre-pregnancy size. For example, if you are a size small before your pregnancy, then you will find a better fit in small maternity pants sizes.
  • The right maternity pants should provide proper support for a growing belly, must not constrict your movement, and should be made with fabrics that do not irritate the skin. Maternity pants should have stretchable bands that will allow you to use it for many months.
  • To find a good-fitting pair of pants, you need to take accurate measurements (in inches and centimeters) of your (1) waist, (2) hips, (3) inseam, (4) and thighs.

If it is your first time in the challenging but fulfilling journey of pregnancy, you are probably wondering how you’ll adjust your clothing sizes every few months. It’s already taxing enough dealing with weight gain, mood swings and food cravings. Well, finding new clothes shouldn’t have to be stressful. Say goodbye to all the guesswork through the charts and table guides you will find in this article.

How to choose your maternity pants

One of the most important clothing type you can invest in during pregnancy is a good pair of maternity pants. These are one of the most comfortable things any pregnant woman can wear. Easily, it is a must-have in your wardrobe especially once the cold season hits. Maternity pants sizes generally follow women’s pre-pregnancy sizes. However, this may vary if you significantly gain weight in areas other than your belly. Details on this below. Since they go by regular sizes, if you are a size small before your pregnancy, then you will find a better fit in small maternity pants sizes. The same goes for number sizes too.

Avoid the temptation of buying clothes that are bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. The idea might seem right thing since you will of course gain weight, but this will only give you ill-fitting clothes.

When choosing a pair, make sure it will not constrict your movement. Make sure you can sit in comfort while in it. Maternity pants are supposed to be comfortable while providing belly support. This is especially important during the second and third trimester when your belly is bigger. The bigger your belly gets, the more support it needs. If possible, choose pants with expandable bands made with soft and non-irritating fabric. This is to avoid itching since it will be a close fit. Stretchable bands will allow you more use for many months, which will help if you only want a few pairs of maternity pants.

Pregnant woman in maternity pants

How to measure your maternity pants size

If you want to be more specific when buying maternity pants, you must update your measurements every month or so. Ideally, this should only include measurements for your inseam, legs, and your growing waist and hips. To take these measurements, get a tape measure and ask someone to assist you.

  • Inseam: Start from your crotch and measure all the way down to the floor. Adjust the length based on how long you want the pants to be.
  • Waist: Measure around the fullest area of your belly, usually around your navel or a little below it.
  • Hips: Put your bare feet together on a flat surface and measure the circumference of your hips around the widest part. Make sure to stand straight and do not bend.
  • Thighs: Measure the circumference of the fullest part of one of your thighs just below the crotch. Do this while standing.
Note: Take your measurements in both inches and centimeters since most tables use either or both of these. Always measure around the fullest part.

How do maternity pants sizes work?

It may sound confusing for some, especially for first-time moms, how maternity clothes follow regular sizes. However, this is actually done with a growing belly in mind. To get an idea, take a look at how a pair of maternity pants fit on a mannequin (with a strap-on pregnant belly!). This will show you how the pants will likely fit you once your belly grows. Moreover, maternity clothing sizes are designed to accommodate a growing belly. This also includes a typical pregnancy weight gain between 25-30 pounds. If you go over that, you may find yourself in a bigger size. So keep an eye on your weight gain too.

Following your pre-pregnancy weight, convert sizes as needed according to country or brand. As maternity pants are ideally made of highly stretchable fabric, you do not have to worry about new sizes. If you are a first-time mom still wondering about it, take your time to read through the maternity pants size guides you will find in this page.

Maternity Pants Size Guides for Popular Brands

Many big brands carry their own maternity clothing line. However, for shoppers, this may mean more charts to look at for different sizing references. More confusing, right?

Not all brands do a maternity line though, like the popular pants brand Levi’s, for example. In this case, pregnant women can just opt to buy a removable pregnancy waist band. This detachable accessory is made of stretch fabric that can support a growing pregnant belly and attach to non-maternity pants to hold it up. This can be a good option for practical women who want to be able to keep using their good old pants. It may also save you a few bucks. However, some women find that this don’t fit as good as a nice pair of maternity pants. So, if you are looking to buy from some popular brands, we have compiled sizing charts below for your quick reference all in one place:

Walmart maternity pants size chart


Standard SizeUS SizeBust (inches)Waist (inches)Hips (inches)


Standard SizeUS SizeBust (inches)Waist (inches)Hips (inches)

Asos maternity pants size chart

US SizeBustWaistHips
032in / 81cm24.5in / 90cm34in / 84cm
233in / 83.5cm25.5in / 92.5cm35in / 86.5
434in / 86cm26.5in / 95cm36in / 89cm
636in / 91cm28.5in / 100cm38in / 94cm
838in / 96cm30.5in / 105cm40in / 99cm
1040in / 101cm32.5 / 110cm42in / 104cm
1242in / 106cm34.5in / 115cm44in / 109cm
1445in / 113.5cm37.5in / 122.5cm47in / 116.5
1648in / 121cm40.5in / 130cm50in / 124cm
1851in / 128.5cm43.5in / 137.5cm53in / 131.5cm

Target maternity pants size chart

Target carries a few department store brands that specifically cater to pregnant women’s apparel like Liz Lange and Isabel Maternity. These brands’ sizes are divided into 4 categories: the 3 trimesters and the post-pregnancy stage. This stage-specific sizing feature is ideal for meticulous pregnant women who want equally specific support for their growing belly throughout their pregnancy and right after it. Their level 4 line provides just the right belly support for right after giving birth. If you notice, not all brands do this. Through their online store, women can shop through Stages 1-4, taking out much of the hassle for maternity pants shopping.

Macy’s maternity pants sizes

Just like Target, Macy’s also have their department store maternity brands, which is Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod:

Motherhood Maternity Size Chart

Pre-Pregnancy Size Chart (US)Chest (inches)Hip (inches)
XS (0-2) 34"-35" 36"-37"
S (4-6) 36"-37" 38"-39"
M (8-10) 38"-39" 40"-41"
L (12-14) 40"-41" 42"-43"
XL (16-18) 42"-43" 45"-46"

A Pea in the Pod Size Chart

Pre-Pregnancy Size Chart (US)Chest (inches)Hip (inches)
XS (0-2) 34"-35" 36"-37"
S (4-6) 36"-37" 38"-39"
M (8-10) 38"-39" 40"-41"
L (12-14) 40"-41" 42"-43"

Gap Maternity Size Chart

Standard SizePants SizeUSUKEUHipsThighs
XXS24023034 1/220
XS25043235 1/220 1/2
XS26263436 1/221 1/4
S27483637 1/221 3/4
M286103838 1/222 1/4
M298124039 1/223
L3010144240 1/223 3/4
L3112164441 3/425
XL3316204844 3/427 1/4
XXL3418225046 3/428 1/2
XXL3520245248 3/429 3/4
InseamLeggingsAlways SkinnyReal StraightSexy Boot/ Perfect Boot/ Curvy/ Long & LeanSkimmer/ Flood
Petite2727 1/228 1/23025 1/2
Ankle27 1/2282930 1/2-----
Regular3030 1/231 1/23328
Long3232 1/233 1/235-----
Tall3434 1/235 1/23731 1/2

The most common types of maternity pants

You will probably have to wear different types of pants in your pregnancy. This will mostly depend on your level of comfort and changing needs in terms of support. Don’t worry, this is perfectly fine. That is exactly why there are plenty of designs out there. If you are not aware yet, these are the options you have when you go shopping for new pants. This table should help you find the right type of pants for you and your belly. Look or ask for any of these styles when you shop. But first, let’s take a good look at each type.

No panel-comes with a downwards contour in the lower front and then higher at the back to accommodate a growing belly while hiding possible muffin tops
-can still be worn after pregnancy
-may not provide ample support late into the pregnancy when the belly becomes really low
-comfort will be a problem when worn with a fully grown pregnant belly
Semi-panel/under-belly-ideal for pregnant women who only require moderate support such as those on their second trimester-may slip down when the belly gets bigger
-proper fit can be a problem for second-time moms and onwards
Full panel/over-belly-provides a flattering, full support through most pregnancy stages
-does not slip
-can be too warm for some women when worn too long on hot seasons
-may be constricting for women who gain more pregnancy weight
Back-panel-comfortable for early pregnancy
-looks like regular pants
-back panel may not stretch enough when belly gets bigger
Side-stretch-can fit during and after pregnancy
-has the best fit on the bum for fit-conscious moms
-no front pockets since they are replaced by the stretch panels

Shopping should always be fun! Now that we have given you all the essential information to choose the right pair of maternity jeans (even if your choices might change any time like most pregnant women does!), go on and choose your new favorite pairs!

Maternity Pants Size Chart: All You Need to Know
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