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Pacifier – The Ultimate Guide How to Choose The Right One

Do you know pacifiers can come in different designs, colors, and nipple shapes? According to pediatrician Dr. Natasha Burgert, “the best pacifiers are the ones your baby will take,” Therefore, among anything else, you must prioritize your baby’s comfort. We know it’s a little bit overwhelming and challenging to look for the best pacifiers out there in the market, and this guide will give you a detailed breakdown of how to find the perfect pacifier for your little one.
At a Glance
  • A pacifier is known as a soothing mechanism that pacifies the baby when crying. Its design mimics the mother’s nipple.
  • If you’re breastfeeding, it is best to wait at least four weeks before introducing pacifiers to your baby.
  • When buying a pacifier, you must consider the (1) age, (2) skin sensitivity, and (3) preference of the baby.
  • The ideal pacifier is durable, comfortable, washable, and is made of high-quality BPA-free materials.

Why does a baby need a pacifier?

A pacifier is known as a soothing mechanism, and it is meant to mimic the mother’s nipple. It’s usually made from rubber or plastic- and is intended to pacify the baby from crying. Babies do have sucking impulses, and by doing the act itself, it gives them an overall calming effect.

When is the right time to introduce to your baby a pacifier?

One of the main reasons why is to avoid possible nipple confusion, Therefore, it is recommended to wait at least four weeks if you’re breastfeeding to introduce it to your little one.

Finding the right pacifier

It’s important to narrow down your options by asking yourself three essential things:

● What is your baby’s preference?
● How old is little one?
● Is your baby’s skin sensitive?

Sleeping Baby with a Pacifier in his Mouth

What makes a great pacifier

You go into a store, and you feel overwhelmed with a dozen of pacifiers out there being sold in the market. How accurately can you differentiate the good ones from the best? Here are the qualities you need to look for in finding a great pacifier:


You don’t want to be always out in the store buying pacifiers, and as much as possible, you want a product that lasts. Therefore, it has to be durable enough to withstand the constant nibbling of your baby as well as the extremely high temperatures when you sterilize.


Most babies prefer bendy and soft ends, and most good brands out there design their products this way. Avoid stiff and hard brands because your child might avoid it altogether. In buying an overall great product, comfort should be on top of the list.


It’s essential to be on the lookout for products that are BPA free. Also, just like with feeding bottles, materials that are of silicone are excellent, because it lasts a long time.


Look for the type that your child can hold and put in their mouth with relative ease. Some models could easily slip off while others don’t have a place to grab on the sidelines.


Of course, everyone wants to buy a product where one could quickly wash with ease. Therefore, look for a product wherein you won’t have any difficulty cleaning and tossing it off the dishwasher.

The good, the bad

Just like any product, there are several pros and cons you need to consider first before having your baby use a pacifier.

The Pros

The capacity to calm your baby between feedings, help them sleep and even self-soothe themselves as they grow older. There is also a study that it could prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

The Cons

There is a slight possibility that your child can develop infections or have their teeth slanted. Therefore, most doctors suggest weaning your child from using pacifiers at the age of two.


Our recommended products

Best Choice:

MAM Newborn Start Orthodontic Pacifier

Our top pick for the best pacifier for both newborn and infants because it comes with a curved air shield which could promote optimal airflow. It’s also specially designed to have significantly large air holes for ease of breathing and sucking at the same time.

There’s also a button at the end where your baby can easily grab into. Furthermore, it’s nipple is made of soft silicone material with an anti-slip surface to keep it from falling off your baby’s mouth.

Premium Choice:

The WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

It’s durable, safe, soft, at the same time super fun- there’s a plush toy attached! The material is entirely latex-free- to avoid possible allergic reactions. Although it’s pricier than most pacis out there, its one-piece design ensures it is germ-free because nothing will be trapped in specific areas.

Budget Choice:

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier due to its rounded nipple shape is best used for breastfeeding up until six months. According to pediatrician and parenting expert Dr. Tanya Altmann, “the one that most hospitals recommend for babies right from the start,” The material is silicone which can be extremely durable yet still super soft. It’s BPA and latex-free, with its one-piece construction ensuring germs will not be trapped in certain areas. It’s also super affordable that’s why it’s our top pick for budget-friendly pacifiers, usually sold on a pack of two.

The takeaway

Finding the right pacifier for your little one can sometimes be a daunting task. However, to narrow down your search to find the best pacifier being sold out there in the market, you need to know as you take into consideration several things such as your baby’s age comfort, sensitivity to the material and other factors. You also have to consider the pros and cons of using it, and if the benefits outweigh the risks. There is no one size fits all solution, but as a mother, you need to prioritize your baby’s comfort among anything else.

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