Kids’ Caffeine Consumption – How Much Is Safe for My Child?

Modern society's obsession with caffeine is undeniable. It’s not just in our coffee anymore; food companies infuse this substance in various food and beverage products, including children’s snacks. And while consuming caffeine in moderation is safe and may be beneficial for adults, it's entirely different when it comes to kids.…

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Easy Vegetarian Meals for Families

If you're vegetarian or vegan, it makes sense that you would want to raise your children with a vegetarian diet as well. The vegetarian diet is very healthy, and in many ways it's better for the planet as well. However, there are some challenges that can come with raising vegetarian…


How To Teach Children Environmental Consciousness

Cliché as it may sound, it’s true that the children are the future of the planet. We could be looking at a bright future or a disaster depending on how we raise our children to be upright citizens and also socially and environmentally-aware individuals. The responsibility of molding them well…


How to Teach our Kids to Love Books

Teaching your children the value of reading and to enjoy the pleasure of it can seem like a monumental task. And, it is if you let it be. Children — not just adults — are a target audience for the producers, developers, and manufacturers of online streaming, social media, cell…


Is it okay for kids to wear second-hand shoes?

Generally, babies and younger kids don’t use their shoes much. They don’t walk around as much as older kids or adults, hence only replace shoes that they have outgrown. New kids’ shoes are generally expensive, so purchasing second-hand shoes or passing down those that have been used by their older…


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