Top 15 Things That Every Pregnant Woman Needs

Congratulations, you have a baby underway! But before you get too excited about the arrival of your newborn, it is important to be ready for the ups and downs of pregnancy. After all, before your baby pops-out, you’ll have to care for it for 9 months inside you. While you might be a little overwhelmed with all the preparations, don’t forget to stack on the following pregnancy essentials which you might not have thought of, but will actually make your pregnancy journey more comfortable and fulfilling.
At a Glance
  • Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments in the life of would-be parents. While it is usually overwhelming with the magnitude of things that needs to be prepared, it is important to make a list months of things and services needed beforehand so you don’t miss on things that matter.
  • Research is the best tool to help new moms prepare for their pregnancy and eventual motherhood. On the onset of pregnancy, it is very useful to do some research and gain useful insights from mothers around the world. Different online sites now offer available content to help you in the process.
  • Every mother has a unique pregnancy journey. This list provides a general guideline of things that could help mothers feel more at ease and fulfilled with their pregnancy, but various needs of pregnant women may be different per person.
Tip: Pregnancy is difficult – all the physical and emotional changes hits here and there which stresses out not just the moms but the dads as well. While it is inevitable to feel the discomfort, there are few hacks you can do to make the pain more bearable and the pregnancy more comfortable.

Here are top 15 things for your pregnancy we recommend that you have:

Prenatal Vitamin Supplements

Taking supplements is advisable for expecting mothers to ensure that not only her, but the baby is getting the right and balanced vitamins to be healthy. Pregnant women tend to have taste preference which results to an excess or lack in intake of a certain vitamin or mineral needed. Iron, folic acid and Vitamin B12 for example are very important nutrient for pregnant women, while Vitamin D supports strong bones and zinc is recommended for brain development.

Consult a doctor to know the best kind of supplements you can take depending on your needs.

Pregnancy or childbirth books

Stacking on your reading list is highly recommended as you await for the birth of your newborn. You’ll have those days that you just stay curled up in bed, or those days when resting is the only thing your body will allow you to physically do – it’s nice to have a good book to keep you busy.

This is also the perfect time to start on pregnancy and parenting books as initial guide to help you prepare for the “big day”. Sure you can find everything available online, but nothing beats the good-old-book to flip through the pages when sitting down or holding electronic items seem to be too much work to do.

Pregnancy diary/albums

It is always a good idea to have a record of your pregnancy journey to show to your family, friends and even your baby one day. We understand all the mood swings, all the excitement and anxiety coming your way, so why not put it all into something creative? You can start with all the ultrasound pictures and all the baby wishes. Now is the only time to do this. Once your baby is born, you’ll surely have zero time other than taking care of your newborn. So don’t let this memory slip away and start preserving it whether in words or pictures.

Want to add some info about what’s happening in your belly for each pregnany week?

Belly band

Your growing baby bump as weeks pass by will give you discomfort beyond the usual. Moving around could also be difficult. To ensure that your tummy is always warm and supported, it is advisable for you to wear belly support bands. As the baby prepares to pop-out too, it may push lower into your birth canal so adding a support down there will make you more at ease walking around and going about some of your daily routine even as your belly grows.

Belly bands come in different designs and support level too so you have options on what feels most comfortable to you. We want the best way possible to make pregnancy a lot easier, using this is certainly one of the ways.

Nursing pillows

Pregnancy pillows, sometimes also called side sleeper pillows, usually top the list of pregnancy favorites. As your tummy grows, the more difficult it is for you to get proper sleep. Aside from the faint movements of your baby inside, the round belly also makes it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Aside from a sure comfort during your pregnancy, this will also come in handy once you have to start breastfeeding your newborn. So invest on this one early. This will surely help you get a good night’s sleep every time making your purchase so much worth it.

Comfortable bra

Once you start conceiving, your tummy is not the only thing that grows. Your breasts are enlarged too as your body stimulates milk production in anticipation of the birth of your little one. Your size may go up two or three sizes and your usual bra might not work anymore. You may also experience some pain here and there as your body undergoes changes for breastfeeding. This is pretty normal. To better prepare for this, opt to buy bigger size bras that will give you maximum support, bigger space, easier breastfeeding access and optimum comfort.

Make sure than when buying bigger bras, it should have minimum frills and complicated straps to make breastfeeding easier. Cotton bras without underwire are highly recommended. Most shops now offer nursing bras for you to choose from.

Maternity pants

You might think you don’t need this, but you do. As your belly grows, your pants may start stretching too and eventually not fit you. Stores offer specialized maternity pants made from stretchable, breathable materials to give you comfort and support during pregnancy. Also maternity jeans are available.

Most maternity pants have elastic waistband to accommodate the growth of your belly during the process.

Comfortable shoes

Pregnancy is that time when expecting mothers are highly-recommended to stick to the most simple and basic. That rule goes for the choice of shoes too. Comfort and grip are main considerations when buying a new pair for pregnant women. Stay away from very high-heeled shoes for a little bit and opt for flats instead to make moving around easier.

As you belly grows bigger, a slip-on, mule or ballet flats are best choices to avoid the tedious work of tying up the laces.

Safe beauty and skin care products

Some ingredients in beauty products are believed to contain harmful ingredients that might be dangerous to growing fetus. Check the labels and consult the experts to determine what ingredients to avoid. But to be 100% sure, discontinue use for a while or until your baby’s arrival. Or opt for products that are made from natural products with minimum chemicals added.

Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning sickness is part of every pregnant woman’s journey especially in the first trimester although the frequency and intensity varies per person.

To better prepare you for this, consult a doctor for pregnancy nausea remedy options that best suit your needs. Better be prepared when it happens than to not have any idea what to do when it hits.

Exercise guide/book/DVD

Some women are more active than others during pregnancy depending on the lifestyle and condition. For those able to exercise during their 9-months pregnancy, one of the most common exercise done is pregnancy yoga. This helps soon-to-be mothers relax and de-stress.

It is also believed that women who do yoga during pregnancy have easier, more-relaxed child delivery. Consult your ob-gym to know if you are cleared to do this exercise and at the same time, always, exercise with caution for you and your baby.

Pregnancy Jacket extensions

Pregnancy makes many changes in your body and this is all part of the motherhood journey. As your clothes and pants may not fit you, at some point during your pregnancy, so are your jackets.

Your growing breasts and tummy may not fit in your old size jacket for now, and while some would-be-moms opt to buy new sizes instead, it is economical to just purchase jacket extensions which can be attached to normal zippers and removed after childbirth. Remember to inquire first before buying jacket extensions to see if it fits well and feels comfortable.

Find here more information about maternity clothing sizes.

Music box

This does not only entertain your baby but you too as you await for your newborn. Anything that keeps you busy and entertained is good during this waiting game. Plus, once your baby is able to recognize sounds, it surely helps to have a music playlist ready. A lot of mothers also swear that the babies inside their tummies react to music. Start playing calm and soothing music to relax you and your baby.

Don’t put any music box direct to your stomach in an attempt to make your baby listen – it is advised that a pillow or blanket be put in between to make sure that your baby receives just enough sound not to damage their sensitive hearing.

Belly lotion/oil

Most pregnant women worry about the stretch marks that comes after childbirth. And while it depends and vary per person, with some of it may be hereditary, it is still better to be prepared once it happens. A special belly oil or lotion formulated with natural ingredients such as jojoba, aloe, olive oil and shea butter often do the trick.

Applying oil not only prevents and treats stretch marks, it also soothes itchiness caused by the growing belly.

Seat ball

As the “big day” nears when your new baby is about to pop-out, the discomfort worsen making even slight movements difficult.

A remedy for pregnant women having hard time sitting on normal chair is a seat ball which remedies the pressure in your pelvis and joints. It could also be used for pregnancy exercise under experts’ supervision and could eventually be used for gym exercise after childbirth which makes a purchase worth it.

Top 15 Things That Every Pregnant Woman Needs
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