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Is it okay for kids to wear second-hand shoes?

kids used shoes
Generally, babies and younger kids don’t use their shoes much. They don’t walk around as much as older kids or adults, hence only replace shoes that they have outgrown. New kids’ shoes are generally expensive, so purchasing second-hand shoes or passing down those that have been used by their older siblings can save you money.

Wearing used kids shoes, saves you money

Even when most second-hand kids’ shoes are still in good shape, they’re still available for a lot less. When the shoes are handed down from older kids, you will receive them for free, so you don’t have to incur any cost at all. So why don’t you let your young one wear the shoe and enjoy the money-saving strategy? Already worn leather shoes? More supple! If the shoes are made of good quality leather, they are going to be a little more supple. This makes it a bit more comfortable for a kid and they’ll enjoy wearing them.

You can find unique pieces

Buying second-hand shoes give you the advantage of finding something that fewer people have at the time. Second-hand stores have a wide variety of shoe designs that are unique in color, style, and size.

Used Shoes for Kids

Things to consider when buying used kids shoes

A parent might want to consider a few things before fitting any shoe to their kid’s foot:

General wear and tear of the shoes

With kids always moving and running around, their shoes are likely to get worn out fast. Passing down a worn out shoe may negatively affect your kids, especially the ones that are learning how to walk. So check shoes conditions of shoes before buying. Especially the inner sole.

Check the inner sole

The inside of second-hand kids shoes may easily be deformed. This is because the inner soles may take after the shape of the previous owner’s feet. The dents may, therefore, be as a result of their toes or heels. Avoid these shoes when you’re buying because they are not ideal for your kid’s foot. Most of the time its worth buying new insoles, they come at a little price.

How is the outer sole wear?

For good foot health, a kid’s shoe should be stiff at the heel, bendy at the front, flat and comfortable. The sole shouldn’t be worn out or have holes. The surface also shouldn’t be too worn out because the reduced friction may cause your child to trip and fall.

And of course: do they have the right shoe size?

Never buy second hand shoes that do not fit perfectly! Always have a least half an inch of wiggle room in front. Check these kids shoe size charts or baby shoe size guide for a perfect fit.

Are they really clean?

Inside and out, kids’ shoes should always be clean. Go for the ones that look neat. Wash and disinfect them before the child starts wearing them (unless they are made of leather!).

But: these are reasons not to wear used shoes for kids

May interfere with a child’s foot development

As earlier indicated, used shoes have already been molded to the feet of the previous wearers. Your child’s foot has 28 developing bones that are in their critical years of growth. Until this development is complete, in their late teenage years, wearing used shoes can alter this growth. For this reason, hand me down shoes in bad condition should be avoided.

May interfere with walking patterns

Because every kid has a different walking pattern, the soles get worn out in different ways and shapes. Wearing a shoe that has an already changed shape may cause uneasiness in walking especially for young kids. Parents also tend to hand down bigger or smaller shoes to younger kids in the hope that they will grow into them. A change in size, even by a few inches, can affect walking. Get the right U.S. sizes for your kids.

Disinfect and clean used shoes

However, if you can find the right shoe for your child, the next thing to do is to take proper hygiene measures before the child wears it. Dirty shoes, excluding leather shoes, can be hand washed in soapy water or using a washing machine. The shoes can then be dried, but direct heat should be avoided. Make sure the shoes are completely dry before they are worn to prevent fungal infections.

What are health concerns when kids wear used shoes?

Strained foot development and difficulty in walking when the shoe sizes and shapes don’t match the child’s as well as fungal infections in the case of dirty shoes.

Are used kids shoes significantly cheaper?

Yes. Second-hand shoes are generally cheaper compared to new shoes, and many parents consider purchasing them as a money-saving strategy.

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