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The 30 most useless things that NO parents or babies need

Sure you want everything set and complete before your baby arrives. You’ve probably finished shopping for baby things, baby food and everything pretty and nice in the shops months before to prepare for your little one. We understand that you might be too excited to welcome your newborn. But be sure not to fall into the pitfall of unnecessary overspending. Here’s a guide to help you shy away from things that you and your baby can live without.
At a Glance
  • Many companies will sell you pretty baby things and create that need when in reality, you and your baby can live perfectly without it using alternatives that are already available at home.
  • It is important to make a list of urgent things to buy before heading out to the store to splurge on things you want and not need for your baby. Go back to your priorities, do you need it that bad now, or maybe when your baby is a little grown?
  • The list we’ve provided here does not necessarily apply to everybody. At the end of the day, each parent and baby will have different needs. Consider this a guy to help you maximize your care for your little one without necessarily burning your savings away.

Baby Food Products

Parents tend to go overboard when preparing for the arrival of a newborn. Particularly in food preparation, new moms and dads want nothing but the best. But then, those special baby appliances, do you really need them? Or are there alternatives readily available at home?

  • Organic breast tea

Apparently, even the tea business has expanded its market now to include breastfeeding mom. The organic breast tea in simpler terms is just a normal tea which is said to have additional minerals like anise and cumin that prompts more milk production. Moms with ample milk supply may opt not to use this.

  • Baby water

As the name states, this is water specifically made for baby food preparation and drinking. It is said to contain less mineral than tap water and is “germ free”. But then, the catch is that, this costs at least 3x more than the normal drinking water that we buy. Our advise? While you probably are very picky on what your child eats or drinks, mineral water is good enough. Plus, you could always boil it as you please.

  • Baby food warmer

Okay, you don’t need this. It is convenient and more specialized to keep milk and other baby food warm, but do you really need it? We bet you have microwaves at home, that’s a good alternative, plus you save on money and additional clutter in your kitchen.

  • Baby food processor

Now ask yourself why you need a special food processor to prepare food for your little one. You’ll probably realize you don’t need it. After all, aside from added cost, you can always use your good old blender to make baby food. Right?

Tip: It is reported that raising a child in the US costs over $240,000 on average or even more when you’ve got all these unnecessary products junked-up.

Baby Care Products

We understand that as parents, we want to give our children the best comfort possible. That goes over and beyond for new babies. Sometimes, we’re overdoing it and we end up just adding to clutter at home. Before storming the malls for your baby needs, make a list of “must buys” and stick to it.

  • Diaper Pail/Diaper Twister

This is one thing that is sure to be on top of our list of unnecessary baby things. You sure don’t need a specialized trash can for diaper disposal. Whoever made this probably just want to create a false need. Use a normal trash can and empty it as frequent as possible to avoid the foul smell.

  • Bassinet/Cradle

This will probably look nice in your baby’s room but that doesn’t mean you need it. Well, more so if you already have a stroller. Both serves the same purpose, so you’re better off reserving that budget for something more useful for your baby. If you need to really buy one, a safe crib is a safer and better alternative.

  • Changing Table

We don’t get it why you’ll need a changing table at home when you have the luxury of a bed to change baby diapers. You can skip this item on your list – it takes space and costs a lot of money. Friendly advice from us, you can just buy a changing pad instead and and use it if you have too.

  • Heat Lamp

You will probably need this only during the winter. And even then, a heat lamp is useful only when you don’t turn on your regular heater. Otherwise, home heater and bundling your child well will do the trick.

  • Expensive Nasal Spray

If you’re buying nasal sprays just for the sake of buying, do yourself a favor and drop it. While this is useful to help clear your baby’s nose from mucus, the “for children” tag usually makes the cost double, or even triple the price compared to unbranded ones. If you really need this, opt for the generic brand, although the name and packaging is different, it is the same saline solution.

  • High Tech Ear Thermometer

You don’t need this right now. When your baby is sick, it is a must to consult a doctor right away for proper treatment. Your little one is still very fragile, so professional help is still the best at this stage.

  • Baby Tub/Baby Tub Seat

You can start bathing your baby in the sink, while he/she fits. Then it’s up to you to decide whether you need a baby tub thereafter. Just an advice, if ever you decide to get one, skip getting a bathtub seat. You don’t need it.

  • Diaper Bag

We don’t think you necessarily need a specialized bag for your baby things when you’re out. Take extra diapers and wet wipes with you and store it in your regular knapsack or purse. Carrying an extra diaper bag specially when you’re out alone is just over the top.

  • Disposable Pacifier Wipes

Parents didn’t need pacifier wipes back then, so we’re sure we don’t need it now either. You’re good with a dish towel or even just a Kleenex. It’s readily available at home and will save you bucks.

  • Wipes Warmer

Okay, here we go. Just like disposable pacifier wipes, you don’t need this. Unnecessary spending mom and dad! Do babies really need warm wipes? A lot of parents said their kids survived with normal wipes, so yours will too. Plus, just seconds after removing the wipes from the warmer, it becomes cold again. So really, there’s no point.

  • Baby Scented Detergent

You don’t need a special scented soap to do your baby’s laundry. It is recommended that parents use a “free and clear” brand instead – no harsh chemical or additives like dyes or perfumes on it. So parents, even if you can buy it, a scented detergent is not what you need.

  • Baby Cologne/Baby Oil/Baby Powder

We couldn’t emphasize it enough, baby’s skin are still very sensitive at this point. So do them a favor and wait a little longer before you shower them with these chemicals. Powders may cause difficulty in breathing too. Also, babies already smell great anyway, they don’t need it.

  • Baby Pillows/Blankets/Crib Bedding Set

Your baby don’t need pillows. It’s better to let them lie flat on the bed. Some babies may also experience “a flat head” syndrome due to excessive pressure in an area. While it is not directly attributed to using a pillow, some people argue that it aggravates the case. So better safe than sorry. Same with blankets, and crib bedding set, they are just expensive. You’ll find alternatives in your home.

  • Dishwasher Case for Baby Bottles

Another thing that should be off your list. You want to wash your baby’s feeding bottle? Do it with your hand to clean all the small parts too that dishwashers usually don’t.

  • Pee Pee Teepee

This will just add to your baby clutter. And you can’t really tell your baby to use this thing to pee. In short, another waste of money. To avoid that wee-wee fountain, just use a cloth diaper over your baby while you change diapers.

  • Baby Timer

Looks good and sounds so techie right? But you don’t need it. To keep track of your baby’s feeding, sleeping and changing schedules, just use a pen and paper or set alarms on your phone. This will save you bucks and works the same.

Useless Baby Products

Baby Play Products

Parents, we should really hold off from buying our newborns with toys that might look all cute and cuddly but might be bad for them, for now. Wait until they are able to play and appreciate it on their own. Enjoy the moments when they are babies, because it won’t be too long.

  • Playpen

A playpen is not something that is part of my priorities when it comes to baby things. While some people find it useful, most parents don’t. Your baby will be either too tiny to manage themselves in a playpen, or big enough to play without it. A playpen is also expensive so you might want to wait a little bit before deciding if your baby needs it.

  • Toys

Baby’s don’t need toys, yet. It’s just a child hazard while they’re small. So skip this, wait until they’re toddlers, can play with it and appreciate toys as it is.

  • Stuffed Animals

A big no-no for babies. Listen moms and dads, stuffed toys are generally unsafe for your little one specially if your baby is sleeping in a crib. While those soft furry texture is so huggable, cuddly and soft for you, it could be risky to put near your baby. Plus, you have to worry about wires, strings, and dust mites among others. Just don’t buy one, you’ll surely get some as gifts anyway, but wait until your baby is big enough before letting them play with it.

  • Hanging Crib Toys

Same idea. Child hazard. If you don’t want anything risky inside your child’s crib, just stay away from toys at the moment. Stuffed toys can possibly cover your baby’s face and cause suffocation, while the little toys hanging might fall off and hurt them too.

Baby Clothing Products

Babies have very basic needs, as long as they’re warm and comfortable, they’ll be fine. So while they are young, let’s give them that. Shy away from those pretty looking baby shoes and socks that are unnecessary for babies to save you from stressing out when it falls or go missing. And those frilly robes and hair accessories? It’s just going to make them uncomfortable. Save up on things that matters and stay away from those you can live without.

  • Baby Shoes

Let’s admit it, baby shoes are really nice and cute, but we hate to break it to you and say that buying it is impractical. Skip buying one until your baby starts learning how to walk. You’ll save yourself from the stress with the shoes falling off all the time and your baby from struggling to free their toes every time.

  • Infant Socks

Same concept. Looks good but doesn’t work. It could be our hyperactive babies, but these dainty socks just don’t stay put on our baby’s feet. So in the end it’s just unnecessary spending. A better alternative could be footed pajamas to keep their feet warm. So save yourself the trouble of buying expensive baby socks.

  • Baby Towels

Another one on the list. While baby towels are cute, your baby can live without it. Regular-sized towel can serve the same purpose so why buy a baby towel for extra cost?

  • Baby Robes

As much as you don’t need a baby towel, you don’t need a baby robe too. This is another money waste. Wipe your baby dry and put on their clothes on immediately so they don’t get cold. So why do we need baby robes again?

  • Tiny Baby Bibs

Okay so we need bibs to keep our baby’s clothes clean from all the food as much as we can. But we need a bib that can cover their entire front. Small bibs just don’t do the purpose. So skip it for the full-sized.

  • Baby Hairbrush

Your baby will probably have not enough hair for this anyway, so why buy it. Wait a little longer before deciding to buy one.

What are unnecessary food products for babies?

Some of the most unnecessary food products include organic breast tea, baby water, baby food warmer and baby food processor. has a list of the most useless things that NO parents or babies need.

What are the baby care products that you don’t need?

Even if you want to give your best care to your newborn, you probably don’t need a diaper pail/twister, a bassinet or cradle if you already have a stroller, a changing table, a heat lamp, a wipes warmer, and baby scented detergent. More of this are listed at

What are unnecessary baby clothing products?

Since you’re baby is too little, you won’t need baby shoes, baby socks, baby towels, baby robes, tiny baby bibs, and baby hairbrush.

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