Calculating Your Child’s BMI

Nearly 1 in 3 kids are overweight or obese. Paying attention and calculating your Child’s BMI will help you and your child get away from this scenario. Having an undesired weight pose significant health risks during childhood. It also has the potential of becoming more serious towards adulthood. At a…


Guide: Best Indoor & Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Whether planning your kid’s birthday party, or a get together with family and friends, there’s no better way to entertain the little ones than playing party games. Throwing games for the little partygoers, however, is usually not as easy as it seems. A wrong choice of a game can ruin the…


When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

Are you experiencing early symptoms of pregnancy? Have you missed your last period? If you have any reason at all to suspect that you are pregnant, then you should consider taking a pregnancy test. However, taking a test too early can give you false results. So what should you do?…

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Calculator: Pregnancy Weeks – What Happens Right Now in my Belly?

Curious about how far along you are? Do you have an idea which trimester you are currently in? This guide will provide you with essential information on each phase of your pregnancy, may it be weekly or per trimester. All you have to do is to enter the day of…

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Calculate Infertile Days: Know When It Is Safe

Planning a pregnancy it is important to use several contraceptive methods, including being knowledgeable about your infertile days. Specifically, if you learn to calculate infertile days, you can plan a pregnancy better, including the timely use of contraceptives. Below you find a detailed guide to calculate infertile days. At a…


Child Growth Charts: All Your Questions Answered

Kids are meant to grow up fast in the first decade of their lives. Although a child’s size will be largely influenced by their dominant genes, age-appropriate growth still applies. Growth will always vary slightly per child because of individual differences. To set a standard, child growth charts are freely…


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